Semper Adversus | Ep.64

Em mais um Semper Adversus brabo (15/11), Henrike Baliú preparou dessa vez um Especial em cima da nova coletânea One Family One Flag do selo referência Pirates Press Records. Se liga na pedradas que rolaram:

1. Rancid – Fuck You
2. Tim Timebomb & Friends – Too Much Pressure
3. Old Firm Casuals – For the Love Of It All
4. Harrington Saints – Saturdays In The Sun

5. Cock Sparrer – One By One
6. Bishops Green – Alone
7. Booze and Glory – Swinging Hammers
8. Noi!se – Idle Action The Ratchets – Rockers Taking Over

9. Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One – Hooligans
10. Off With Their Heads – Die Today
11. The Ratchets – Rockers Taking Over
12. This Means War – Use It Up

13. Reducers SF – Empty Bottles
14. Bombshell Rocks – Scars and Tattoos
15. Downtown struts – Rogues
16. Street Dogs – Certain Fate

O destróier Semper Adversus levanta âncora toda quinta às 22h, com reprises no domingo às 18h e na terça às 22h em Layback.FM.

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